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Before we share with you the further details about the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 400R, please be advised that this sportbike is for sale on the Canadian market segment only. The green Japanese motorcycle maker decided to launch the 2012 Ninja 400R to be sold at the Canada because they...Read More
Husqvarna has been rolling around the motorcycle world for more than we know and they are bringing their future envision of a dual-purpose bike. Yup… what you see is the Husqvarna Baja concept which obviously tries to revive the motorcycling golden’s era. The weird thing is that the Baja...Read More
The title of this post pretty obvious as Brembo that acts as one of the well-known performance brake producer from Italy is offering set of calipers for the 2013 Cadillac XTS and ATS. Yes, the dark and red four-door luxury sedans up there are going to share the same...Read More
Attention to all Jaguar customers as the British luxury automaker just announced the new engine choice for their new four-door saloon. The four-door saloon in question is none other than the 2012 Jaguar XF and the new engine choice is none other than the frugal diesel powerplant. Curious on...Read More
With the new design language, the South Korean automaker that joins the Hyundai Motor Corp. under its wing is ready to launch its new hatchback which we think has a bit of resemblance with the Hyundai i30. What you see is actually the ready-for-production of 2013 Kia cee’d. The...Read More
On the market for pure American cruiser? No need to look and wait longer as the 2013 Victory Judge has arrived, folks. This cruiser has similarity with the Vegas model as it carries premium ride and outstanding performance. But, for some die-hard fans of cruiser, the Vegas is not...Read More
Tired with the same old sportbike? The Big Red H Japanese motorcycle maker understands that in certain point, daily rider needs more challenge and that is why, the 2012 Honda NC700X is born. This pure Japanese descendant of sportbike is ready to take on any challenge that you might...Read More
Don’t be panicked folks because we are not discussing about motorcycle jacket which made from sidewinder snake skin. The reason why Icon Brawson Sidewinder chose unusual name is because they want this motorcycle jacket to be unique and easy to remember. Then again, this jacket will protect your like...Read More
How to rock the exhibition floor at 2012 Detroit Motor Show? Leave it to Mopar, folks. Yup… the tuning specialist crosses the line to customize the Chrysler 200 Super S to the max. The customization is to honor the existence of Chrysler 200 and the tuning project comes with...Read More
The 2012 Indian Auto Expo witnessed the eco-friendly car that proposed by the Blue Oval carmaker. The car is none other than the Ford EcoSport compact SUV. Is it just us or the design language is very familiar? Well, it is very familiar as Ford decided to borrow the...Read More
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