Review And Spec Of 2016 Nissan GTR R36

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One of the most desired for almost a quarter century is the 2016 Nissan GTR. This car gets new engine upgrade and dual clutch automatic transmission. However, this amazing sport is much like a copy of Nissan GTR 2015 NISMO with 600 hp of power. 2016 Nissan GTR R36 was announced to be hybrid electric version of the GTR. Andy Palmer, executive vice president of Nissan, stated that the next step in the unavoidable development of the car is electrification. The strongest supercars like the GTR are included in this evolution.

Photo Leaks
Enthusiast can see some of the design GT-R that will be available for the next generation is previewed exclusively by speed and graphic artist design team. However, these images are entirely speculative presentation design so it is not final design. Images have some of different tastes of modern GT-R that are very attractive and interesting to see. Since the announcement of the car release, there has been much debate about the next Nissan GTR R36 2016 design. You will see lots of awesome images of the new 2016 Nissan GTR R36 including some leaked images of the styling.

With the new 600-hp hybrid engine inside the 2016 Nissan GTR R36, the supercar attracts more attention than other competitors. The standard 3.8-liter V6 is tuned to produce the additional 250 hp with the kinetic energy recovery system into generating total 580 hp power. This enormous power makes the 2016 Nissan GTR R36 has 50 percent more power than the 2014 Nissan GTR. The teamwork with partners Williams F1 helps to increase the performance of Nissan NISMO race. Nissan expect this collaboration will help to make brand new Nissan R36 can reach 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. The car is also expected to reach speed limit of 210 miles per hour. The GT-R with a longer wheelbase will be available for the next generation model and the engine will be likely to be positioned at the middle of the car. This supercar should be matchless in drag racing with the aerodynamic and handling increase.

Release Date and Price
The price of GTR R36 could easily exceed the Porsche and Ferrari model due to the fact that the car cost more than $100,000. You could expect the price ranging from $110,000 to $ 160.0000 to carry the 2016 GTR R36 home. The highest trim level could reach a massive $200,000. The 2016 Nissan GTR R36 is likely to be available in dealership in 2016.

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