Specification And Review Of 2016 Nissan skyline GTR

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When you are in search of something special in the market, a modern deluxe car that you should choose is the 2016 Nissan Skyline. The car is one of the cars that come with some of the modern and best features, and durability. With the new features, shoppers should anticipate that the car would be among the finest when looking for the options available. In terms of performance, the buyers will find that this 2016 Nissan skyline GTR as an amazing car in the market among competitors.

When you need that high quality car, it would make the best car with amazing interior with the new models of Skyline. Compared to the prior models, you will see that there is more spacious cabin with the current model. There will also a new infotainment system in the 2016 Nissan skyline GTR interior. The bigger touchscreen display allows you to switch to navigation, entertainment and information. This is the best feature if you enjoy traveling with the car.

2016 Nissan skyline GTR come with minor update for the exterior. It has different hood and headlamp at the front to increase aerodynamic. New rearlamp and spoiler lift the visual at the back. These modifications would make a bit different look to the car. There is different shape with the grill with bigger air scope. Wheels are still the same size but more modern alloy rim. The exterior will definitely be one of factors to decide when buying this car.

When seeking for the quality that you would expect when buying a car, 2016 Nissan skyline GTR would be amazing with the new engine performance under the hood. Power of 450 hp is produced by the 4.5-liter of V8 engine of the car with modern specs. Compared to its predecessor in the past, you can expect that the car would have more power and acceleration with such aggressive engine. Fortunately, more powerful engine does not mean it consume more fuel. The car actually has increasing mileage better than many other car models in the market nowadays.

Release date and price
Shoppers could expect the 2016 Nissan skyline GTR could be on sale on April 2016. You do not need to wait for long to have such high quality car. But, you have to pay a bit more as it will cost ranging from $110,000 to $190,000 depending on the trim levels and optional package you add. You could expect the prices will vary after release date of the car.

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