Specification, Review, and Price of 2017 Audi A6

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Manufacturing Audi has now presenting another new variant that has the primed appearance and so suitable when used by young executives. This luxurious vehicle called Audi A6 is no small matter because its performance is quite capable. It uses material of the aluminum body that is light enough to make this German vehicle even more luxurious and comfortable when driving.

Engine and Performance

For this A6 series, the manufacturer Audi uses 6-cylinder with a capacity of 3000 cc engine. To accelerate, this luxurious vehicle takes 5, 5 seconds, every 100km per hour. With so, Audi offers a powerful force which is equal to 300 ps and torque of 440 nm.


Not only the exterior, the interior of the Audi A6 is also not less luxurious because it uses a fairly comfortable cabin parallel for luxurious vehicle class. The driver’s seat and the passenger are in quite ergonomic design following the shape of the body of human. The panel of wood is pasted on the dashboard. It gives the luxurious impression in the cabin. Besides, the appearance of the front of this luxury vehicle light can make the driver having futuristic looking while driving. As standard, the vehicle is also equipped with cruise control.


Exterior and Safety

Viewed from the exterior, this car also seems luxurious and elegant. It can be seen from the lights that are designed very slick and uses LEDs that looks large and elongated from the front. Besides, in the vehicle’s rear lights look quite slim and beautiful to behold. As for security, A6 uses advanced technology that can detect the presence of the possibility of accidents that you don’t want it happen. Besides, the windshield in this vehicle also has a display with a speed limit. At night, the A6 can illuminate a pedestrian and detects using the console screen in the middle which allows the driver to take steps as soon as possible to avoid potential bad things.

Audi a6 car series has many series. If you want to have this car you must set up your money at least one billion. Price offered is varied according to each series. Prices for Audi A6 are from R 985 million to 1.11 billion. The variants and prices of cars are the Audi A6 New A6. 2.8 FSI with 985 million priced, New A6 3.0 TFSI quatro 1.11 M, New A6 3.0 TFSI Quatro-WEF 1.19 M, A6 2.8 FSI 985 million, and the last is the A6 3.0 T FSI quatro 1.11 M.

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