Specifications and Review of 2017 Camaro

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Generally, car with a business or commercial truck category is rely solely on the performance of the sector and the exclusion of passenger comfort. However, this 2017 Camaro specification, Camaro embed tagline that this is a car with two functions, it is to carry loads and bulldoze the rugged terrain and recreational functions. It means that the car has been prepared as a car that can to support day-to-day activities.

Engine and Performance

As a unit of multifunctional car, 2017 Camaro specifications on the dimensions of the body have included large size. It is solely to support the functionality of this Camaro. Although it looks very big, but the actual dimension of this body is quite fitting considering the vehicle is prepared for heavy work. Camaro physical strength is also very unusual. In fact, this car can tow heavy loads up to 3,500 tons. Besides the very large dimensions of body, this car also has the highest ground clearance or the distance to the ground of 800 mm so it will make it easy to be controlled, including when driving on cobblestones. Big body certainly needs to support optimal suspension. In order to provide comfort to the rider, Camaro is equipped with a suspension technology system combined with a snail on a chart in the future. The front suspension on the truck is also equipped with a stabilizer that serves to dampen vibration. As for the rear suspension, Camaro uses suspension technology. You do not need to hesitate anymore to bring Camaro down the very unfriendly street.


The interior of 2017 Camaro is very well constructed by Camaro. Turning to the upholstery sector, Camaro has good quality leather upholstery with sweetened vinyl on the middle seat. Car seat design is increasingly making the interior more exclusive. In some parts of the seat, seatbelt are there for security functions. Double Blower AC is also pinned on this car so the air inside the cabin will be cooler. The cabins on car are also equipped with an audio technology which has two speaker output. Not to forget, the door of Camaro has also been equipped with power windows manually and automatic models. Camaro itself is classified into two passenger capacity. For single cabin type, it is only able to accommodate two people. While the broader double cabin is able to accommodate up to a maximum of five passengers.



Exterior side of the car is very pretty with the stylish and modern dashboard and has been equipped with typical futuristic modern car features. Camaro panel dashboard is dominated by a black color which makes it look more elegant. Of course, any material which binds its dashboard does not come from careless material. On the steering wheel, it looks so stylish with comprehensive and informative instrument panel. Camaro panel on the speedometer are 4-inch screen on the side that can display the telephone calls, a music playlist, as well as vehicle information such as trip meter, fuel meter, and others. To support the needs of entertainment, there is also a LCD in the center that can serve as a rear view camera to monitor the situation around the car, and there is also a parking sensor that will facilitate you when trying to park the vehicle.

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