Specifications and Review of 2017 Ford Focus

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Physically, the new 2017 Ford Focus has a low enough body size for hatchback, the size of New Toyota Yaris alerts. But precisely therein is the main strength of the Ford Focus. New Focus Ford itself dispensing with the concept of sporty. Focus stream of the body is adapted to build the Ford Focus. How is it? Are you looking forward to getting to know a new car of Uncle Sam’s manufacturer? Well, immediately see a full review below.

Engine and performance

Besides carrying more elegant and sporty body design, Ford also brings new power to the engine based on previous generation. It is also equipped with Engine technology as the latest technology from Ford to optimize fuel efficiency. Therefore, the Ford Focus has a perfect combination, high-performance engine technology, and a distinctive sporty design Ford.


Carrying the hatchback segment, this segment is more concerned with comfort aspect of passenger capacity specification. Ford Focus puts it forward in terms of comfort for the rider. Dashboard of New Focus is designed to follow the future technology. This is seen in computerized features on the panels in the dashboard. On the dashboard there is also pinned the latest technologies that support the needs of motorists for information. Besides, steering wheel is also equipped with panels that are very comprehensive and informative. For the cabin, Ford Focus displays elegant cabin space in which the seat looks luxurious with high quality materials of full leather. The combination of bright colors in upholstery increasingly features fresh impression on the new Focus.


Viewing from the outside of this Ford Focus, it will look very striking sporty aura. New Focus has a very aerodynamic design with a fresh and a more futuristic appearance compared to other cars. Ford Focus has 5-door models. The futuristic design of the new Focus can be seen from the narrow halogen headlamp technology that extends to the rear to display a sharp impression. Ford Focus features a minimalist impression by laying fog lamp that is designed to follow the headlamp. Then, the bumper is made somewhat shorter than the distance to the ground to show the impression of a really sporty. Furthermore, it is given list chrome colored glass and made out to be straight to the rear. To enhance the sporty impression, this Focus comes with a new design on the rear of the car in the form of a spoiler that fits the shape of the body car as whole. There is also an additional form of printed antennas on the rear of the Ford Focus which gives the modern and practical impression. Lastly, rear view New Focus has been using a retractable mirror model. Overall specification of Ford Focus on the physical part is suitable for the type of rider that puts the model and has dynamic properties.

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