Specifications and Reviews of 2017 Dodge Charger

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2017 Dodge Charger is a good car that is used for the filming. Almost every line of this car receives significant changes. The original is only the top of the dashboard. The compartment is designed so simple and match the exterior color. The following custom patterned dash displays auto-meter that helps to bring the sporty impression on the steering cabin. Its performance is not much polished. As a booster engine performance, designers do polish. The impression of unfolding through the muscle car engine perches on the hood. Then the exhaust system is enhanced with a header from stainless materials.

Engine and Performance

Dodge Charger 2017 machine is available in a variety of types. Some variants obtain nice large capacity engine which can generate a large torque as well. There are standard components such as automatic transmission with high-speed, rear-wheel drive and available options for 4-wheel drive. The 5.7-liter engine capacity and high-speed automatic transmission circuitry are able of generating large torque.


2017 Dodge Charger sedan is available in many different variants. They are equipped with a rear-wheel drive, but several variants of other models have 4-wheel drive option. Its standard equipment is such as automatic headlights, manual air conditioning, and touch screen audio system with high speaker. There are also standard equipment such as automatic zone control, fog lights LED, touch screen sized to auto mirror. The car model gets additional equipment such as a good machine, sport exhaust, good wheels, good suspension, and upgraded brakes up. The most expensive model variant carries the complete equipment. It is aluminum interior dominance. Then where is the advantage of this car? Surely this sedan with a roomy interior is made of good quality materials. Smooth while driving is an option available with 4-wheel drive and a slick touchscreen interface. All of that seems to cover the disadvantage of rear leg room that is cramped. This car is a decent side with renowned competitors.


Exterior and Safety

2017 Dodge Charger is old sedan muscle car that looks stylish with a stocky and muscular body posture. Moreover, the owner provides a solid pattern more consistent both in the exterior and interior. Although the concept is derived from a toy but a renovation project is worked. Cultivation of serious calculations done can be seen from the existing view. But the piece is very unfortunate happened focuses on the views alone. In order to boost the impression of muscle while maintaining the classic style on the exterior, light shell spherical model is presented. Designer also redesigns the grille with two lattice models that are great as enveloped the muzzle. It is also interesting, the position of retractable head lamp positioned inside the gaping grille.

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