Specifications of 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Besides having a ford, America also has a very legendary brand and is known to all over the world, namely Jeep. Jeep is a multinational car company founded in 1941. The company is widely known has been producing SUVs on board, a wide range of Jeep products have been marketed at a billions price, which includes the price of luxury cars in the world. Therefore, the owner is also limited or perhaps still from some upper and middle economic circles class. You need to know, jeep possesses some type of cars that are quite spectacular. With the newest innovation, now Jeep re-launches its SUVs product, the product is actually only the innovation of old products, namely Jeep Cherokee that innovate into a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It looks like the car is going to change the dream of the SUV car enthusiast, because New Cherokee is priced cheaper, and for you fans of SUVs become more and more have opportunities to be able to have it.

Engine and Performance

For the engine problem, Jeep Grand Cherokee minimizes engine dimensions to be smaller but still powerful especially if crossed in off-road terrain. It uses a good engine and transmission with automatic acceleration. Car super muscular character of the off-road Jeep brand new design is manly. Slide with two new models of the row of luxury cars, Jeep Grand Cherokee is now applying a nice machine. Jeep Grand Cherokee Jeep is brand of new ammunition in influencing consumer demand for SUVs in the premium segment of the homeland.


This car has been supported by advanced technology which can reduce motion of maximum ground clearance of 271mm. therefore it is enough to give a sense of comfort while crossing in mountainous areas and rocky terrain. It also provides other features and a nice feature to keep a safe distance to the car ahead. There is also a feature that will detect potential dangers and give a warning so the driver can avoid it. There is a feature served as radar that will inform the driver if there is an object in a dark area. All these features have made the system manufacturer’s standard features for safety and comfort of the rider.

2017 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Summit


The latest features embedded Jeep Grand Cherokee is fairly good. Big car is equipped with a set of features that best favors the safety and comfort of driving. Exclusive SUV of the Jeep has a handsome and exclusive exterior design. Focusing more on the market of Premium SUV 4 × 4, it is designed to be more perfect to meet the demands of the international automotive market.

After seeing the specifications above, would still you like to have one for a car collection that is issued by a jeep? Although you have issued budget up to hundreds, even up to billions of rupiah to buy a car of the jeep, it is the right action, because in addition to high performance, to have it, you will become more confident, because not everyone can have a car of jeep due to the exorbitant price factor.

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