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The issue on appearance of 2016 Ford Bronco has become crazily since countless websites claimed on the realization on this iconic truck. Since the news had been spread on 2014, Ford Bronco becomes the most waited and anticipated car in 2016. As one of the most credible manufacturer, Ford must have considered on this spreading news regarding their iconic truck like Bronco. We have waited the clarification on this news but since the first news came up on the mid of 2014, Ford has not given any confirmation or official clarification on this issue. It is actually not about how they will set up the marketing on the awakening this historical SUV but it is all about making a clearance on fake issues and news about their car since it was really disturbing the fans of Ford.

Although it is not hard to do but it is kind of tricky trick from them to enhance the enthusiast people to wait Bronco. The more they say it hoax, the more Ford will give a tricky spoiler to impress their fans even though their fans will keep waiting both the production and clarification. If we are going to talk the phenomenal 2016 Ford Bronco, let’s throwback on Ford Bronco 2015 price that has been spread first before the price of the 2016 one is spread also. The issue came up from Asian website who told that the price is about $60,000. If we are making that price as the result of the calculation of the specification on Bronco, then 2016 Ford Bronco must be more expensive since the issue tells that the 2016 one will be equipped with the newest upgraded engine technology like Ecoboost.

If the Ford Bronco 2015 price is about sixty thousand dollars, the engine might be 4 ltr cylinder with a powerful spped 0-60 mph for 1,8 seconds as fast as another supercar like Jaguar. How can be that speed on a SUV car like Ford Bronco. That is why this iconic truck is waited so long by their fans. Possibility on the engine and performance are something that most people wait. They imagine on the powerful engine like 5 ltr cylinder Diesel engine that will bring more than 600 Horse power as fast as Lamborghini Aventador. Although it is just an issue but some websites say that this Ford will come up with powerful engine. The issue has been spread that the 2015 bronco is just 3.5 ltr but another websites tell that it will be bigger engine that will be equipping this historical SUV. It is impossible to see the prediction of the 2015 one which is only with 3.5 ltr since the old Ford Bronco in 1990s had been equipped with that engine. How are people supposed to believe that there will be 2016 Ford Bronco? This is interesting since there were no clarification regarding to the 2015 one that seems downgrade seeing the technology on engine and safety that is actually old seeing the last technology of 1996 Ford Bronco. The least engine on the last generation of Ford Bronco is 4.9 ltr cylinder with optional 5-speed M5OD-R2 manual, 4-speed E4OD automatic and 4-speed AOD-E automatic. It is strange to confirm that Ford Bronco 2015 price is only $26,000 meanwhile the last generation of Bronco was about $30,000 USD.

It had been escalated slowly back then but we are sure this car will be more than $70,000 seeing the prediction of diesel engine and the powerful horsepower that has been predicted before. Seeing the track record of how Ford gave a price, there will be no car with the price under $40,000 seeing the high technology of both safety and engine that are usually stunning. This American car manufacturer has great experience how to attract people with the engine along with the safety since it is useless to have powerful car with dumb safety. Now people have been so aware on taking care safety on buying new car. That is why Ford will give maximum safety and have thorough calculation of safety. Maybe that is why Ford delayed the clarification on 2016 Ford Bronco. It has been long time to see the official confirmation and clarification about this car, it is seen from the early 2014 and jumping ten years later on mid of 2014 when people were fooled by the news about 2016 Bronco while the Ford Bronco 2015 price had been spread about $60,000 where people can afford that much to buy another luxurious Sedan. But it is a SUV that everyone has waited so long. Those who love SUV will actually prefer to buy Ford Bronco than Sedan. That is why it will be better to hear the updated news about 2016 Ford Bronco.

If we are coming back to 51 years ago when Ford Bronco first appeared on American national motor show, we might see how this car will be interesting if it is combined with the newest technology of both engine and safety. The last generation of Ford Bronco in 1996 might have inferior safety but it will be stunning to see classic truck with the newest safety of Ford. 19 years ago, Ford might have fulfilled the request of their fans by giving the latest generation of Ford Bronco but since time does fly so fats, Bronco is sleeping too long after his last appearance on 2004 where it firstly came up with the great design and concept. It seemed like the good combination between Off Road engine and racing. Although, Bronco had been in off road racing before but the racing will be more competitive if Bronco comes again in the end of this year. It will be fine just to know the concept but it is also so fine just to know the clarification on news about 2016 Ford Bronco and clearance on Ford Bronco 2015 price that had been spread widely before the details of 2016 one came up in 2014 by official site of Ford. We’ll still see and wait the updated news from official Bronco.

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