Tough and Manly Dodge Caravan 2017

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Dodge is one of the famous cars in the world. Throughout its career, the company has launched many products cool car is in great demand by the public. Dodge car was known for having quality luxury car that is quite interesting. Of course, most lovers of luxury car brands are entrepreneurs. Indeed, Dodge cars have long entered the automotive market in Indonesia, but for his own new Dodge Caravan 2017 is began officially marketed in our country. The company launching the Dodge Caravan is a mix between design concept MPV and SUV. This combination produces a very attractive, until there was a bit of automotive enthusiasts who fall in love with this car. Car of Dodge Caravan has the external appearance that looks very tough and manly. This car is carrying so elegant and well steadily concept. This car also comes with a complete range of specifications which makes it sound quite so comfortable when used. Car of Dodge Caravan become quite expensive with the many advantages it has.

Engine and Performance

On the engine, the car uses a DOHC type engine WT with a capacity of 2.4 L, 4 cylinders. To deliver power possessed by the car, it uses 6-speed transmission systems. With its variety of specifications, the car of Dodge Caravan 2017 could be an option for you and your family. Meanwhile, the car has a wheelbase size reached 113.8 inches or 2,891 mm. With dimensions like this, the car of Dodge Caravan has only a 12.1 meter turning radius. For the size of an SUV, this size is including quite small.


Supporting features of Dodge Caravan 2017that seem to need to get attention is un-connecting feature that allows passengers to connect their gadgets with Bluetooth. This feature is even capable to connect 7 devices at the same gadget.


Exterior and Safety

This excess is already visible in terms of exterior appearance, but if you enter the interior, the quality of this car will be more visible. Of course, the features that are offered by this car also adjust the price of the car is carried. Dodge Caravan 2017 also has security features that qualified. International standard safety features like air bags have been pinned on each passenger seat so everything will get respectively. In the car, there are 9 pieces of air bags which will reduce the risk of injury if at any time the accident occurred. The car is also equipped with the technology sector ABS braking, so that braking will be maximal.

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