Violent Force of 2017 Chevelle SS

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Film titled fast & Furious is one of the many action movies with so inspiring because the concept of modifications that played over to street racing. A variety of fast and expensive cars present heats various stunts, including the 2017 Chevelle SS. This car is used by Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel on the movie Fast & Furios 4. In fact this car is also modified and has a violent force.

Engine and Performance

3 Countries with the Best Food-owned Chevrolet 2017 Chevelle SS get plenty of touches for the affairs under the bonnet. The American sports car uses GM Performance 502 engine capacity of 8,200 cc. As a result, the mechanical propulsion does not less produce 450 horsepower and 745 Nm of torque.


Given into the cabin, Chevrolet 2017 Chevelle SS in Fast & Furios also get a touch quite a lot. Modifications of this part can be seen from the seats, panels, steering wheel and speedometer. Viewed series of changes to the course made Chevrolet Chevelle SS should get into the movie Fast & Furious. But it is unfortunate, because the car is already in a car disposal.

Exterior and Safety

For the exterior, the team modifier Fast & Furious to make many changes to the car’s stylish American Muscle. This 2017 Chevelle SS is given a gray body color of a light bulb and a new trim that adds to the impression of the male. The unique design is also seen in the light Led headlamp circular position as OWL design. It uses the fog lamp which has a rounded design feels very fitting especially this blend comes with bumper cars that are not too low. On the side of the visible use of alloy customized with a choice of colors on the body of the car, to see behind itself buddies will see the use of two stop lamp which coincides. Overall the car has dimensions of 4,836 x 1,918 x 1.376mm perfect design.

Again, although the price of this car is reasonably priced and affordable, but the car is still equipped with a Fuel System of Multi Point Fuel Injection that allows the car was running quite efficient and make the fuel tank space measuring 72 L that make you feel comfortable with fuel a lot. If you want to have this car, you have to save your money carefully because it is very expensive and classy.

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