2020 Beta 300 RR and Its Specifications


88 All New 2020 Beta 300 Rr and Redesign and Concept

Motorcycle is interesting industry and quite different from car. Several manufacturers introduce new models and products for future market. There are several types of motorcycle that affect to the specification, engine, design, powertrain, and riding style. For 2020 Beta 300 RR, this model is specifically for off-road riding. The name might be not familiar, but Beta is company with long history in motorcycle industry. Riders use Beta 300 and 250 RR for competition. More about new model will be explored in the next section.

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2020 Beta 300 RR Design

New product comes with attractive design, especially handling. In order to know what will be in 2020, you can look at recent mode. Beta does not put much to redesign because the basic frame is already established. Manufacturer only adds several parts to enhance the handling and rear side.

Engine and Specifications

2020 Beta 300 RR will receive new engine, but the powertrain is not much significant. On the other side, the vehicle feels handy and powerful because of losing weight in frame. Compared to old mode, manufacturer puts much effort to support rider with any body structure. Losing weight means you will ease to maneuver in difficult track. Estimation for this part is approximately 25 to 30 pound lighter than the previous year. That’s the first thing to know about this model. Based on official specification, it uses engine with capacity 300cc. Other specs include steering stability, electronic control, fuel-injection system, and 6-speed transmission. More specs are aluminum sub-frame and tank with capacity 2 gallon.

300 RR Release Date

Next part is about the release date of 2020 Beta 300 RR on market. You do not need to wait until the end of 2019 just for buying new 300 RR. Beta provides date for customers to place the order. You can have this motorcycle as soon as possible in mid-2019. To know more about official date, visit the website for reliable information.

2020 Beta 300 RR Estimated Price

How much is this new variant? The price is very important if you intend to purchase new model not for daily riding. As it mentioned above, this vehicle is for off-road that you might not use in usual road. On the other side, certain area relies on this kind of motorcycle for transportation.

Based on recent mode, the price is approximately at base $9,000. This number is estimation and you need at least $10,000 for official price from manufacturer. That’s what you should know before purchasing 2020 Beta 300 RR.