Beta 300 RR 2020 New design and Engine


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Motorcycle for off-road has definite design that distinguishes from others. You may see sleek style with high frame and strong frame. This kind of product is what you get in new Beta 300 RR 2020. In general, this motorcycle has been in the market since few years ago. Beta reintroduces new one for 2020 with more upgrades and better capability. To know more about the specs and feature, you may read the next section.

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Design and features

At the first glance, the design looks quite similar to old one. Beta changes few things, such as handling, frame, and safety system. This car becomes more reliable with lean and sleek style that’s easy to control. You may ride in any terrain, even the most difficult one. As off-road motorcycle, it has protective cover in engine and front side.

The design is developed to support off-road riding. For the seat, it is slim but comfortable with safety protection. The chassis is also solid with strong frame. This motorcycle might not have much feature since simplicity is what rider wants. On the other hand, some safety measures are installed, such as braking system. Overall design combines ergonomic, sport, and easy maneuvering for consideration.

Engine and performance

Beta 300 RR 2020 refers to product that utilizes engine 300cc and two-stroke mode. You may find another model with the same engine but smaller because it is only 250cc. If you need more powerful one, there are some models with engine capacity more than 350cc. When discussing about 300 RR, only 300cc will be the main topic.

The engine uses two-strokes for more power and handling. In past time, this kind of engine became popular to street motorcycle and endure bike. Today, only off-road one relies on this kind of engine because the motorcycle needs more power and efficient combustion. On the other side, engine with capacity 350cc in Beta model uses four-stroke engines. Based on this information, you may assume that two-strokes work better in smaller capacity than big one.

The performance is top notch especially for amateur endure racing. Besides, it is also reliable for professional competition after few adjustments. As common rider, you want to experience what feeling to be in off-road racing. The handling is flexible with easy maneuvering mode. This is why Beta 300 RR becomes recommended motorcycle for beginner and amateur rider.

Release date and price

This motorcycle is already on market alongside other variants. Release date was already announced in few weeks ago. This model is ready for next year that customers may purchase directly. Beta sells this one worldwide, which means you do not have to worry about the availability.

After new product is launched, everyone surely wants to know about the price. As you can see, the price is strictly only for 300 model. You may prepare at least $5,500 for the base price, and it is up to $9,000 for upgrade one. Each has similar engine, but few customized mode may be available at particular dealer. Of course, you should ask nearby dealer for fixed price before buying new Beta 300 RR 2020.