Beta 300 RR 2020 Racing Edition Upgrades and Redesigns


93 New Beta 300 Rr 2020 and Pricing

Beta 300 RR is one of the best trail bikes to ever be released recently. Dominating the 2-stroke 250/300 cc Enduro category, this one is a true Italian racing stallion that will dominate any Enduro challenges. Contrary to many rumors circulating around, Beta 300 RR 2020 model is highly unlikely to have different specifications or design than the 2019 model. It might not be needed, as Beta 300 RR still leads 2-stroke 300cc competition until this date.

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The Specification Changes

In 2018, the latest 300 RR 2019 model was released. It was one of the included racing editions released by Beta, which continued production until this 2019 as Beta 300 RR 2020. Many improvements and features developed according to the performances of Steve Holcombe, Beta’s factory driver that won 2017’s Enduro GP World Championship. With these gathered data, Beta improved 2018 model at its weight, endurance, and handling, as well as several adjustments to ECU and exhaust.

The most prevalent improvements are on the suspension and shock. With several tuning on the Sachs 48mm fork, it is now more resistant to wear. Moreover, with added low-friction seals and wipers, it gives the fork less resistance and more responsiveness. The rear Sachs got redesigned with a smaller 46mm piston, which made it 0.5 lbs lighter. As oil temperature was found to be extremely important to shock performance, several redesigns to its reservoir are made to put it far away from the exhaust.

Other components’ materials are changed to lighten its weight, such as light aluminum footrests, tensioner block, rear sprocket, and even the transmission, oil, and engine caps. The fork shoes and guards were also made lighter but stronger.

The Redesigns Aspect

Many of Beta 300 RR 2020 colors now feature sport-Enduro themed design. Now, it is sports black anodized levers, red anodized caps, and anodized aluminum sprocket. The frame was colored red and its engine guard colored matte black, which really make the chrome silver engine stand out. Adding the red and blue racing stripes and red stickers on the rim, this model now looks competition worthy.

Beta 300 RR 2020 Current Pricing

When it started production in the November of 2019, the prices are mentioned to range between $9000 to $9500 then confirmed by Beta to be $9299. According to current pricing on their website, Beta 300 RR 2020 is priced for $9299. As for the used market, the set pricing is as low as $8500.