BMW Scrambler 2020 with High-End Engine and Attractive Design


20 Best Review Bmw Scrambler 2020 for New Concept

BMW is known as automotive company, but it is also the top manufacturer in motorcycle category. Several products are available for various segments, such as naked, sport touring, touring, sport, and scramble. The latter is what BMW Scrambler 2020 will be. To know more about this motorcycle, read the followings section

2020 BMW Scrambler Design

What is scramble motorcycle? It was popular several decades ago as motorcycle for long journey with sleek design. Keep in mind that this segment is different from full-touring motorcycle where the body is big and long with additional suitcase. On contrary, scramble is like naked motorcycle with higher handle and low seat. As result, you do not feel much lean but sit straight while riding. This is what you will experience when riding BMW Scrambler 2020.

The design adopts old style to bring nostalgic atmosphere. This motorcycle is suitable for cross-country riding in highway. You do not feel much about weight because it can accelerate easily as naked one. On the other side, sleek and slender design brings advantages for beginners when they need to do maneuvering in tight spot. Of course, BMW provides several accessories to enhance performance and capability.

Engine of New BMW Scrambler

Besides appearance, BMW also adds powerful engine. The base capacity is 1070cc that puts Scrambler as big segment. The engine is capable to boost more than 100 horsepower. That’s enough to deliver high performance while maintaining your riding at properly level. This is one of advantages in new BMW Scrambler 2020.

Moreover, the features are sophisticated and advanced. Ad front side, you see display with many features. It looks modern and digital, but BMW doesn’t get rid of old touch. Some instruments are still analog, but more precise. Combination between old and new variant is what BMW wants to represent in new Scrambler.

More about 2020 Scrambler

Scrambler is unique category because owners usually do modification. This is interesting part for having scrambler from BMW. If you want different design or appearance, BMW provides base color and customized options. Scrambler is available at three options, which are metallic matte, black, and white. Customers can order different style at local dealer.

Release date for new model will be announced as soon as possible. For your information, this motorcycle is for niche market but still attractive enough for general customers. You can order new model in the end of December 2019 for the next BMW Scrambler 2020.