Brace Yourself with 2020 Harley Davidson Rumors


36 Gallery of 2020 Harley Davidson Rumors for Wallpaper

One of biggest motor manufacturers is Harley Davidson. Their capability to produce vehicle in high quality shouldn’t be doubted anymore. What’s new from them? It is mentioned that there are 2020 Harley Davidson rumors. The rumor is about new lineup for 2020. To add, there are 3 new models released next year. Have you known all the three models? Let’s meet all of them here before it is officially released.

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Meet the Three New Models in 2020

It has been mentioned everywhere that HD will release three new models at the same time in 2020. You don’t see it wrong since the lineup involves three models. The first one is adventure touring model. The second one is middleweight streetfighter. The last one is new custom model.

2020 Harley Davidson rumors mention that for the first model, it will be HD Pan America 1250. The first model has similar capacity with the custom model in which they have 1250cc. meanwhile, the middleweight streetfighter will have 975cc engine.

What’s New in Their Sport Bikes?

Images of prototypes have been released officially by Harley Davidson. However, the result may not be the same with that as the models may get changes in terms of design and features. Let’s wait for 2020 Harley Davidson rumors to happen any soon.

Talking about their engines, v-twin architecture is still used in all of three models. In addition, Pan America will be equipped with a wide touring seat, adjustable windshield, water cooled engine, and Brembo calipers.

In the streetfighter, you will get to meet liquid-cooled engine, single rear shocked, dual-disk Brembo, rearset footpegs, one-piece handlebar control, and upright rider position. Another one is custom model. In fact, it has no official name and no further information, just yet.

Release Date and Price of All New Three Models

Although all of those three models have been announced to release in 2020, there is no exact date of when they will be officially sold. They may be released at the same time, or released orderly. It cannot be confirmed yet. The same thing goes with the price. The price of each motor is unknown, but you can take a look at its previous models. It can be estimated from that.

In the end, all the 2020 Harley Davidson rumors may be just rumors. The images or prototypes are released, but the idea of what it looks like may be different from the images. Let’s just wait patiently therefore.