CBR650F Horsepower and New Engine for More Performance


Honda brings new motorcycle every year with significant improvement. In order to fulfill middleweight category, Honda released CBR650F in 2014. This new product has several improvements, such as the design, feature, specs, and engines. To know more about CBR650F horsepower, read the following sections.

New CBR650F Design

At first glance, it looks like sport motorcycle with full fairing where you can ride and get high speed. However, it handles is higher than regular sport category and create riding position not so much lean to front side. This is what people called as sport touring because you can go anywhere without put much strain on back for long journey. This model is for riders who like daily commuting and long distance riding, but still experience high-speed mode.

The Specs and Engine

Even though CBR650F is relatively new in CBR series, Honda put much effort in development stage. It was replacement for 600F where Honda increased engine capacity. Recent model uses 649cc in-line four-cylinder with DOHC. The engine is relatively similar to other CBR with capacity 600cc and 1000cc. The only difference is at the design and support features.

CBR650F horsepower has three versions. Maximum powertrain is approximately 89-90 horsepower. You also get power at 79 HP and 87 HP. For new model, Honda adds upgrade and enhancement at technology side. All controls and features are digital and electric mode where rider can access through front side. Moreover, this bike is for long riding and Honda adds feature to reduce heat temperature for such purpose. Basically, the base engine and spec are similar to sport mode, but it receives additional comfort.

Release Date and Price

Honda releases this model for worldwide. After first generation in 2014, several upgrades bring new improvements. However, you might not see much from outside and appearance. Of course, you can order at Honda dealers for the next year production. Recent model is still qualified as the top bike at all. CBR650F horsepower shows what motorbike supposed to be in term of powertrain. Big engine means you will pay more for this motorcycle. The price depends on where you live, such as Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.

Sport motorcycle is about speed and performance, but not comfortable for daily riding. On the other side, some touring models are lack of speed acceleration and riding experience. Both are what you will get from CBR650F horsepower. This model delivers sport experience for long distance riding.