Beta 125 RR Two-Stroke: The Cheapest Dirt Bike to Own


When it comes to the cheapest dirt bike, of course the first one that will pop in your mind is the products from Beta. This motorbike manufacturer is indeed well-known for its cheap, affordable products, including dirt bike for sure. However, it has a lot of other products in affordable price, too.

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This Italian motorbike manufacturer is not as famous as Yamaha or Husqvarna, but this manufacturer has wide array of high-quality products for sure. The cheapest product of Beta today when it comes to dirt bike is the Beta 125 RR Two-Stroke. Find out more about the product down below.

Highlighted Features

Some of the best features and probably the most noticeable ones of this motorbike is its manual start and its ball-ramp device. Sometimes, people prefer to start a dirt bike by hand and not by electric start because it will provide more power to its performance.

This Italian motorbike knows exactly about that so that they do not provide electric start at all. You will have to pump and start the bike manually but it does better for the performance for sure. The manufacturer did so also to press and keep the price of this motorbike low.


The appearance of the cheapest dirt bike from Beta is quite interesting, actually. The motorbike looks incredibly interesting with a dual-sport trim available on its exterior. It has a nice headlight, which is quite noticeable.

The taillight is paired with the horn, rear, and also speedometer when it comes to style. It has nice, big tires of Michelin Enduro in both the front and the rear. Overall, the look of this motorbike is quite interesting and great to look at. No one will suspect that this product is actually a cheap one.

The Engine

The engine used to power this dirt bike is the case-reed engine with power-valve and two-stroke engine. It has 125cc displacement, obviously and it is paired with a tank capacity of 2.3 gal. The engine is quite powerful, especially when it is combined with the 6-speed transmission available in this dirt bike.

The Price

Beta 125 RR Two-Stroke is labeled as the cheapest dirt bike here. How much exactly is the price? Well, the average price of this dirt bike is around $7999. This price is way lower compared to the 125 products of other brands. Even so, you should never underestimate its features and performance.

The other off-road 125 products around the world will cost you more than $8000 for sure, say for example, the TM or the Sherco. They both cost around $8495. This is why this product from Beta is considered as highly affordable, especially for those who plan to get low-budget dirt bike.

After reading everything about Beta 125 RR Two-Stroke information above, it is clear that the product is actually quite great and reliable. You do not have to stuck with the “bigger” name in the industry. As long as the dirt bike is sturdy to ride on, there is no shame in purchasing the cheapest dirt bike.