Dirt Bike Honda and Three New Lineups in This Year


Honda becomes one of the leading manufacturers in case of the bikes. There are many segments and lineups of motorcycles released by this brand. It is not just the conventional motorbikes, but there are also some lineups of motocross. For those who love the dirt bikes, it will be interesting to know some great dirt bike Honda that has been released in this year. These can give references for those you are interested in this sport that always gives adrenaline and attractions.

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Honda CRF450RWE

In term of lineups of motocross, Honda actually has released some great and attractive bikes. For the first dirt bike Honda, it is the Honda CRF450RWE. So far, it is called as the special edition of motocross from this brand. In term of features and technologies, this also becomes the flagship released by this manufacturer. This becomes strong competitors for other manufacturers.

One of the interesting points about this bike is the Work Edition of this product. This is called as the special edition since it gets enhancement compared to the standard model of CRF450RWE. Suspension segment also becomes another segment that is polished and enhanced to give the best experiences in dealing with various tracks in this sport. For its price, it is sold starting from $11,499. This is good price for its performance and features to offer. For the lower specs of the Work Edition, there is Honda CRF450R and this is sold for around $10,000.

Honda CRF250R

For the other lineups of dirt bike Honda, this manufacturer has CRF250R. Based on its name, it is already clear that this has different engine specification compared to the CRF450R and CRF450RWE. Although it is not as powerful as its brother, this still gets some improvements compared to its predecessors. At least, its electric start becomes the nice sector to offer and this technology becomes one of the good features to offer.

Valve train found in latest CRF350R gets improvement. This does not only affect the powertrain, yet this also gives better responses in controlling the engine and its output. Moreover, throttle of this bike gets smaller size compared to the predecessor. This may seem like small changes, but it is actually useful to deal with its fuel consumption. The bike also comes as the fuel injection for better management of fuel. For the price, this bike is released for around $7,999.

Honda CRF150R

The little brother from the segment of dirt bike Honda is the CRF150R. This model is known since it was one of the initiators of the four-stroke bike for the mini racers. Unfortunately, the progress did not run well and Honda cannot become the best one in its class. It seems that bringing this new generation of CRF150R brings new expectation of success.

There are some improvements to bring by this bike. Although this becomes the little brothers of the other two bikes, Honda still pays attention in bringing enhancement, especially for its powertrain. Basically, the engine specification does not get big changes, yet the improvement is able to give better power and control. The wheels also get bigger size. For the price, it is around $5,099. There is also Expert edition and people only need to add $200 for it.

Those are the three bikes for the motocross segments from Honda. Three bikes represent different engine and class. Honda brings some improvements and these are good points to keep the tough competitions between various dirt bikes. Surely, the segments of dirt bike Honda can become good consideration.