2020 Dirt Bike Price for Two-Stroke Type


When it comes to dirt bike price, especially for the two-stroke type, of course it will heavily depend on the brand or the manufacturer of the bike itself. As we all know, there are so many motorbike manufacturers around the world that produce dirt bike, starting from Japanese ones, like Honda and Yamaha, to the Italian one, such as Beta.

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If you have the plan of buying two-stroke motor bike, what brand should you choose? Well, you should adjust that decision to how much budget you have for the bike. To help you with that, there is this list of the dirt bike price, particularly for the two-stroke type, that comes from different manufacturers. It will help you making that decision.


Suzuki is one of the most well-known motorbike manufacturers around the world. This Japanese brand surely has numerous products of two-stroke dirt bike. The dirt bike price coming from Suzuki products are considered cheaper, but still reasonable. The particular two-stroke product of Suzuki which price is about to expose here is the Suzuki RM85. This two-stroke product here has sleek design and powerful performance. The price is around $4,199, making it the most affordable one among the rest of Suzuki bike.


If you prefer European motorbike manufacturer over a Japanese one, Husqvarna should be the choice. This Swedish brand is indeed famous for its dirt bike product. The most famous two-stroke product of Husqvarna is the TX300. This dirt bike has strong engine and capable to deliever smooth performance, even in tougher situation. The price for TX300 is around $9,599.


Kawasaki is another Japanese motorbike brand that is quite prominent for its dirt bike and off-road products. They have a lot of reliable products when it comes to two-stroke dirt bike. The dirt bike price for two-stroke Kawasaki is under $ 5,000 in average. Kawasaki has three well-know two-stroke bikes. They are KX100, KX85, and KX65. For KX100, the price is around $4,599. The KX85 has the price around $4,399 and the KX65 is the cheapest one with $3,699 on its price tag.


The list here will be closed by yet another motorbike brand from Japan. Yamaha is certainly important in the world of dirt bike. It contributes a lot in producing countless models of dirt bike, especially the two-stroke ones. Yamaha has four two-stroke products. There are YZ250 and YZ125 and the juvenile versions of them, the YZ85 and YZ65. For YZ250, the price is the most expensive ones with $7,399 price tag. The YZ125 is slightly cheaper with $6,499 price. As for the YZ85 and YZ65, the prices are the same. They are around $4,599.

Now that the price is quite obvious, all you need to do now is just adjusting the budget you have with what brand of motorbike to buy. Considering that a dirt bike is quite expensive, it is not supposed to be taken for granted. Consider everything wisely and carefully, especially about the price. Make sure that the dirt bike price that you choose won’t drain up your saving too much.