Results of Dirt Bike Racers from Some Championships


For all fans of motocross, it is always interesting to see and watch the race. There are many kinds of races and championships. This kind of sport is surely great for those who love to see adrenaline and attractions on the tracks. In case you are interested to know information and news regarding the dirt bike racers, some good information is available for you and these are taken from some races in some places during the previous month.

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Little Racoon National Enduro

The first information of dirt bike racers comes from the Little Racoon National Enduro. This competition is held in Ohio and it is already the sixth round. This is held by Kenda AMA National Enduro. There was Grant Baylor that came as the winner in this sixth round. This also became his second winning in a row. This became good achievement by this racer. For the second place, there was Steward Baylor. Although he could only got the second position, so far he led the in the standings.

There are still four rounds to play. These two racers of Baylor surely will try hard to win the four remaining races to win and get the final trophy of this championship. Both of these Baylor racers work for the team KTM. Based on the sixth round, there is Evan Smith that got the third position and he is from the team of Husqvarna.

Law Tigers Prescott Valley EnduroCross

The other news of dirt bike racers comes from the competition held by Fox Racing. This race is held in Prescott Valley. Based on the previous race, there is Colton Haaker that became the winner in this tough race. He is from the Rockstar Husqvarna Factory. This competition already enters its second year. For this race, it uses the format of three moto. To reach the podium, Haaker got the scores of 2-1-1. For the second position, there is Cory Graffunder and he rides for Yamaha. When he got the second place of the podium, he rode SRT Yamaha YZ250F. He got this position after he scored 1-5-3.

For the third place, there is Taddy Blazusiak. He rides for KTM team. He got the third podium and he scored 4-6-2. This race became hard competition for three of them. At the beginning, Haaker did not get the good start, and it was Graffunder who got better one. However, after the second one, the competition was more between Haaker and Blazusiak until finally Haaker could secure the first position of the podium.

2019 Ironman National MX

The third new of dirt bike racers comes from the 2019 Ironman National MX. So far, the race in previous month already became the last race for this season. To end the season, there is Dylan Ferrandis who got the first position. On the second position, there was Justin Cooper and third position was for Adam Cianciarulo. The race became the tough competition between these three people in the podium. In the end, Ferrandis could secure his position with the score 1-1. This becomes his good achievement to end the current season.

Those are some races and information about the racers from various competitions. Most of the occurred in August and even there is race that becomes the closing of current season. These three races have different formats and these surely show great composure and skills of dirt bike racers.