How Much Do a Dirt Bike Cost and Some Recommendation of Bikes


For those who love motocross, knowing information about the new bikes can become interesting references. Even, this can become important information when someone is going to find new dirt bikes. There are plenty of dirt bike options. If you are also interested to have new collection, you may need to know how much do a dirt bike cost. There are actually various prices and each manufacturer will have different prices although the specification of bikes is quite similar. In case you are looking for the one with powerful engine and best features, these flagship segments can become interesting reference.

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Husqvarna FC450

The first bike is from Husqvarna. There is FC450. Based on its model, this becomes the model with highest spec from this brand. This model got the title of Monster Energy Motocross in 2018 and this makes the brand want to develop the model further. This title is given for the Rockstar Edition of this model.

For this newest model of FC450, Husqvarna brings some updates and improvements. In this new model, the body frame is made more rigid. This is to give better riding experiences and safety. Of course, it has sturdier body with lighter weight and better weight distribution. This also gets electric start as the other latest motocross. Related to how much do a dirt bike cost, this is sold around $9,999.


The next recommendation is from the brand of KTM. There is KTM 450SX-F. Compared to the other motorbikes or dirt bikes in the same level of engine capacity, this bike from KTM is considered as one of the best in term of engine output. Its horsepower is high and it comes with lighter weight when it is compared to the bikes with the similar specifications.

For the new generation of 450SX-F, now KTM makes some changes. The body work is refreshed and enhanced. This gets newer bodywork with better design. Related to its body, the head is made more compact. Then, the clutch already supports the hydraulic mechanism that will give better comfort. It can also provide better control and delivery to manage the engine performance. Related to the info of how much do a dirt bike cost, this bike is sold around $9.899.

Honda CRF450RWE

It will be incomplete when it discusses about how much do a dirt bike cost and there is no Honda. Honda also has some segments of dirt bikes and there is Honda CRF450RWE. So far, this is the model with high engine performance and capacity. This has similar engine capacity to the previous two bikes. In term of specs, this is considered as the flagship model from Honda. There is actually CRF450R, and the label of “WE” refers to the Works Edition.

Work Edition is the flagship and it gets some big differences compared to the standard model of CRF450R. The performance becomes the sector that gets main differences. This is highly enhanced compared to the standard model of this bike. In term of price, this Works Edition is sold around $11,499, while the standard model is around $9,299.

These three bikes can become the good recommendations when you are looking for the motocross with peak performance. These three have the similar engine capacity and it can be seen from the name of their model. However, the detailed specs are different and there is also different in price. Of course, it is your turn to choose since you already get the info of how much do a dirt bike cost.