Kawasaki Dirt Bikes and Some Recommendations along with the Details


For the motocross, it seems that it will be incomplete if there is no discussion about Kawasaki. This brand has some great segments of dirt bikes. For the conventional bikes with concept of motocross, the series of KLX can be found and people love these lineups. However, there are also other Kawasaki dirt bikes dedicated for the serious sports. These bikes are released and these can give some references for those who need some recommendations of motocross for this year.

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Kawasaki KX450        

For the first option of Kawasaki dirt bikes, there is KX450. This becomes the model with the highest price. Of course, this price is also for its performance and other features. The KX450 model was released for the first time around 10 years ago and it is said that the latest model of this car gets big changes in term of its design and appearance. As the other new dirt bikes, now the latest KX450 already comes with the electric start. It seems that this already becomes the main specs to offer for the current models.

The valve train gets big changes for this model. The improvement surely gives great comfort and experiences in riding and enjoying the power offered by this bike. Then, its clutch also gets attention. Now, it comes with the hydraulic mechanism. This gives better and more responsive clutches compared to the ones found in its predecessor.

Kawasaki KX250

As what is found in Honda, KX450 also gets younger brother. This is set for those who need lower engine capacity compared to the KX450. Unfortunately, it seems that this manufacturer pays more attention in bringing fresher and better model of KX450, so this model does not get significant changes as what is found its older brother. However, it does not mean that this Kawasaki dirt bikes are awful and not recommended. There are still some changes and improvement to gains, although the portion is not as big as what is found in its older brother.

This bike is still designed so it is easy and comfortable to ride. Its clutches and engine is set, so it is powerful, yet the rider still can get full control of its power. It is also said that its dual-injection does not get big changes. In term of price, this KX250 is sold around $7749.

Kawasaki KX100

For those who look for the mini motocross, it seems that KX100 is the good recommendation of Kawasaki dirt bikes to choose. This bike becomes the good options for kids who want to train and enjoy riding the dirt bikes. This is already two-stroke configuration. This may be smaller in size than the other two brothers, and it has lower performance, but this is not the model with lowest spec since it still has other smaller brothers.

Although it is for the amateur and kids who want to enjoy riding the motocross, this gets good size of wheel. The front wheel of this bike uses 19-inch size, while the rear wheel uses 16-inch size. Although this uses the similar engine to KX85, the body and its wheels make the bike look bigger. In term of price, this is sold around $4599.

These three segments are some models released by Kawasaki for this year. Since it is almost the end of 2019, there may be some new bikes. Of course, these three dirt bikes are not the only models released by this manufacturer. There are still other Kawasaki dirt bikes to find for the motocross segment.