Knowing the Upgrades on Ninja ZX10R 2020


36 Gallery of Ninja Zx10r 2020 for Speed Test

As usual, Kawasaki has managed to impress customers once more with Ninja. Everybody eyes on this motorcycle; the thing is enormous and intimidating. You frequently see the bike in action movies as if the real Ninja symbolizes daunting like depiction. For men having a Ninja seems to be a way in attracting the ladies. Now, the company had released Ninja ZX10R 2020. In this article, we will reveal some interesting fact about the bike.

The New Specifications

It does not much different than its predecessor. It still uses 4 liquid-cooled, 4 stroke line in four. The engine is started by utilizing electricity, and it is ignited with digital ignition. The lubrication uses wet sump oil cooler with forced lubrication. The engine runs on double injection fuel and has valve system of 16 valves. It also has 13.0:1 compression rate.

In a nutshell, all of the specifications only get a bit of polishing. Ninja ZX10R 2020 will have a better performance than its foregoers due to 9988cc engine inline-4cylinder that’s capable of producing 203ps power and 114.9 torque. Moreover, the ram assists feature to increase the performance up to 213ps. Other upgrades also include finger follower valve actuation, cylinder high lift cam and quick shifter dual direction.

The Design of 2020 Model

The design of Ninja ZX10R 2020 is focused on reducing gravity and aerial pressure. The designer altered the center point a bit, putting some air holes and makes it more aerodynamic. Aside from the design, the bike’s color would be lime green with ebony and metallic graphite gray as a secondary color.

The Features

The main focus on features we will soon discuss is about the safety features. The features include launch control mode, sport traction control, 3-mode power selection, aluminum swing arms, engine brake control, aluminum twin-spar-frame, Brembo high performance brake system Ohlin’s electronic steering damper, Showa Balance free front fork, and balance free rear cushion. These features concern the rider’s safety as well as the comfort ride.

The Bike’s Availability

Ninja ZX10R 2020 will be released to market as soonest mid-2019. It is also rumored that the motorcycle will be manufactured in limited numbers. However, luckily a booking section had been confirmed, so a few lucky ones could get their hands on this bike. The real number on cost is quite relative as it relates to the specs. Well, to get detailed information, you can contact the marketing department of company.