KTM 1090 Adventure 2020 Characteristics


74 The Ktm 1090 Adventure 2020 and Picture

1090 Adventure is a motorbike product of KTM, an Austrian motor industry. The company may be formally established around ’90s but its history can be traced to ’30s. With such a long record, they truly had the experience of manufacturing good bikes. Now, among those bikes, there is  KTM 1090 Adventure 2020

The Design and Concept

Well, KTM 1090 Adventure 2020 earliest predecessor was first to introduce in 2013. The bike pretty much similar to successor belongs in an adventure and touring class with the capacity of two people. It operates with 1195 cc 8-valve 75 degrees V-twin engine and a manual transmission.

What to Expect?

In recent years people saw a strict competition on the market, the company alike fights fiercely to keep their brand prestigious. KTM is not an exception. It plans to release 790 models and scrapped 1090, but it seems like 1090 will still be around as it was renewed. Moreover, 790 contrasted so much from 1090; it meant to be small light and agile whilst 1090 is bigger and more powerful.

KTM 1090 Adventure 2020 has an intimidating look, but push that aside and we will get into one of the important stuffs: the power. As an adventurer’s ride, the bike has been upgraded to the point where the engine now can produce 123 brake horsepower. Aside from engine, it is also equipped with better electronic components and a bigger fuel tank to increase cruising range. More on electronic component, the features provide a mode that allows riders to effectively distribute power based on the terrain they are currently in.

In addition, the design is also improved for a more comfortable ride. The windscreen is bigger and more adjustable. For headlamp, it has an opening that serves as cruise radar. Improved doesn’t mean entirely perfect to the rear seat, and it is a bit tricky to slide up and down for positioning.

Another thing to point out but still related to the design is about the safety features. The company took costumer’s welfare pretty seriously, with that being said, they have installed a steel crash bars, extra strong, die-cast open lattice swing arms.

When Will We See it?

Since it was prototype, we won’t see the KTM 1090 Adventure 2020 anytime soon since it was still being developed. It will be unveiled as soonest 2019, and it will enter the market by 2020 after the Euro5 legislation.