KTM EXC 2020 Release Date, Price, and Specs


27 All New Ktm Exc 2020 Release Date for Style

Everyone wants to know about KTM EXC 2020 release date. This brand new motorbike from KTM is indeed highly expected to be the best of its kind. As we know, KTM is well-known for its trail bike products, including EXC line. Moreover, 2019 EXC was released to the market about a year ago and has been a hit. This is why its newest upgrade, the 2020 model, is predicted to be even better.

What’s New?

Some upgrades are given to the new model. It is believed the new motorbike is going to have several changes on body, including on the size of tires and wheels. However, the most noticeable upgrade is that the new motorbike is going to have TPI technology. TPI or Transfer Port Injection is used to enhance the power of motorcycle, making 150cc model more powerful in going through any kinds of terrain.

The Brief Specs Review

The specs of new EXC 2020 are not going to be too different from 2019 model. The motorbike is believed to have 150cc engine with fuel injection technology. It is designed to be used in cross-country style, so the exterior part is still sleek but very sturdy. As for the brakes, this motorbike use double brakes on the front and rear with 2 and 4 piston each.

The Release Date

Well, KTM EXC 2020 release date is not officially stated by KTM. Even so, people believe that the motorbike is coming so soon. By the end of 2018, rumors and leaked information about the new variant were everywhere already. It indicates that the motorbike is already done producing and ready to be released publicly. The most sensible prediction is the mid-2019 or the late 2019. It is quite impossible for KTM to delay the release up to 2020.

The Estimated Price

Now that you know KTM EXC 2020 release date, you have to find out about its price as well, so you can prepare money to bring the motorcycle home. There are several types of EXC. However, even for the lowest to the highest type, the price is not too far different. It seems that the average price of new EXC motorbike is going to be around $16,095.

There is no doubt that the new motorbike is tempting and blessed with huge power. Now, you know everything about KTM EXC for 2020 series. You can find out where to buy one around your area right now. Mark the KTM EXC 2020 release date and make sure before that date hit the calendar; you already book a place to bring the bike home.