KTM EXC 2020 with 250cc Engine


63 Concept of Ktm Exc 2020 for Performance and New Engine

Endure competition needs reliable motorcycle. This is why you should choose KTM EXC 2020. You can ride to pass harsh track and enjoy the comfort ultimately. KTM produces EXC models with several models based on the engine capacity. One of them is 250cc as the smallest and lightest bike for professional or amateur riders.

The Design and Bodywork

Off-road motorcycle is different from regular one. You will see one seat mode with sleek and slender bodywork. KTM develops EXC to be easy and simple for any riding position. Balance is also the key to keep rider in safe position when turning into sharp track. Those things are the purposes of KTM EXC 2020 design.

Body frame uses strong steel as chassis. It is flexible enough to adjust with motorcycle movement. At the same time, this chassis can withstand extreme force from any direction. KTM makes sure riders do not have to worry when forcing this one into extreme riding. The chassis and body frame can do anything you want.

The appearance consists of several options. The company provides official graphic applied directly on car’s body. Besides, you can pick one or two options based on the availability. KTM uses bodywork to distinct with other products in the same category. Moreover, you can customize your own easily.

Engine and Specifications

Engine is the key part, especially for KTM EXC 2020. To boost powerful powertrain, KTM uses 4-cylinder and fuel injection engine. You can control fuel system through panel at front handle. This engine can deliver utmost performance, but driver can maintain properly due to simple handling. Basically, KTM provides options to adjust the handle bar with several positions.

More features are added in this motorcycle. Fuel tank is slim and integrated directly on body frame. It is enough to keep rider for several rounds during competition. With displacement 249cc, KTM EXC also has crankshaft and engine cover. Everything in this motorcycle is specifically designed for comfort riding in off-road mode.

More Information and Release Date

KTM EXC is global product, which means you will find it in many countries. Due to small engine, beginner mostly chooses this model instead of bigger one. You can order it at nearby dealer to know the base and fixed price. Keep in mind that the price depends on few factors, particularly taxes.

For KTM EXC 2020, the release date is usually few months before the end of year. Customers can order when the official announcement is already released. Those are few things to know about this motorcycle.