KTM EXC 500 2020 and Some Predictions of the New Specs


49 New Ktm Exc 500 2020 for Pictures

There will be many kinds of motorcycles to release in 2020. The new KTM EXC 500 2020 becomes one of them. This will be the type of motocross that’s brought by KTM, so it can join and win the competition. Actually, KTM already released 2019 KTM EXC 500, and it is still found in market until now. With the rumors of 2020 version, it seems that this new generation may not bring too many changes, especially in term of performance.

The New Engine

In term of engine, KTM EXC 500 2020 will bring 500cc engine as the main source of power.  Its predecessor is considered quite powerful to compete. It is predicted that there will be no significance differences. Moreover, there is only gap of a year, so it may be too soon to bring higher performance.

However, it does not mean there will be no enhancement. When it is just the same engine, it will not be able to win the market. Minor changes may be offered, but it will not change the bigger framework of performance provided by this engine.

The Frame and Chassis

Fans of KTM are quite satisfied with the current version of KTM EXC 500. It has good weight management. However, it seems KTM does not think that it is enough. That’s why it is predicted that KTM EXC 500 2020 will bring better frame and chassis, especially in term of weight and strength. The materials are made lighter and sturdier at the same time.

The lightweight is also found in the construction of engine. Material used in engine is also composed to give lighter weight. With this lighter weight, it will help the rider in controlling and handling the motorcycle, so it can be stable even in the high speed.

The New Features

For the feature, one of the interesting things is about the power tuner that can be connected to the smartphone app. It is surely awesome feature since it will be easier to monitor the engine. There will be an app to check the condition of engine and performance.

There will also be electronic starter that’s powered by lithium battery. It will make sure that starting the motorcycle can always be easy. The battery also has better durability. It does not need special maintenance to make sure the bike can be started easily.

Those are some features and predictions about the new KTM EXC 500. So far, it is still rumors since KTM still has not released official information about it. Therefore, it is good to spare more patience to wait for the official release of KTM EXC 500 2020.