KTM TPI 2020: TPI 2-Strokes for the Future


66 The Ktm Tpi 2020 for Configurations

All the way back in 2017, KTM first launched the first two-stroke fuel injected line up. Barny Palzotta, the lead R&D in KTM gives a hint about the inevitability of fuel injected small displacement two strokes. KTM already started developing TPI technology for smaller bikes right after the successful implementation in 250 and 300 XC Enduro lineups. Well, R&D guru also elaborates on how in the future, producing carburetors specifically for small displacement engines could be detrimental commercially to KTM. Therefore, your favorite 125 and 150XC-W will soon be equipped with KTM TPI 2020.

The Concept of KTM TPI 2020

High fuel consumption, temperature, and rougher engine plague many carburize two-strokes. TPI excels from carburizing two-stroke engines similar to how normal fuel injection excels from carburetors in general. It is lowering the temperature, maximizing fuel use, and smoothing the engine performance. However, KTM TPI 2020 is different than ordinary direct injection. It doesn’t starve the two-stroke’s bottom-end oil and limit engine performance.

The patented TPI only works after KTM made a new frame, cylinder, engine management system, throttle body, airbox, two-stroke oil tank, and a powerful new generator to run the whole thing. TPI works by injecting fuel into the cylinders from two injectors inside the transfer port, rather than into the piston’s head or inlet port. Don’t worry because the maintenance is just as easy as any carburize KTM bikes.

Is it Necessary to Implement KTM TPI 2020 in 125 and 150 XC?

Taking a look at KTM’s 250 and 300 cc XC lineups, you can see how this technology changes the meta of two-stroke Enduro bikes. This system allows it to go much further in higher performance than ordinary carburize two-strokes. It makes KTM’s 250 and 300 XCs the leader in cross country and long-range Enduro races.

Besides performance, large movements of removing the carburetor from races are beginning to take place in countries, such as USA. Several countries now also need Euro5 certification for dirt bikes to be eligible for road use. KTM TPI 2020 will surely take advantage of this to make KTM Enduro lineup available for larger markets, especially with the affordable 125 and 150 cc XC-W lineup.

The Current News and Rumored Release Date

With the incredible sales of 250 and 300 XC TPI, the prospect of the KTM TPI 2020 125 and 150 XC-W lineups is bright. People now can have a hopefully road legal, affordable Enduro demons. Currently, there are talks about the end of spring release with no specific dates confirmed. However, it is confirmed the next 2020 lineup of KTM Enduro will include TPI.