36 All New Motorcycles New Models 2020 for Interior

36 All New Motorcycles New Models 2020 for Interior

Lately, Honda made a big and surprising announcement of releasing Honda Motorcycles New Models 2020. One of the greatest models in the list is Honda Grom 125cc. To be true, it is not a brand new model. On 2013, Honda released an announcement of bringing the Grom. However, the one that will be released in the next 2020 comes with newer and better specifications of course. Here is more detailed information about the variant.

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Honda Grom 125cc Styling

As one of Honda Motorcycles New Models 2020, compared to the last Grom, this upcoming model has comprehensive design. It comes with sharper altitude and mini-street fighter feel. This Grom also has edgier look as side tanks and fuel tank integrate cleanly. LED headlight is presented to give a distinctive look of the modern face with unique front. It provides major illumination.

The frame has newly employed steel mono-backbone. The square section tube of this model joins the headstock right to the wingarm of pivot plates. As it also directly connected to other parts, it will be visible from the frame. This look will bring the Grom to the minimalist design with rigid feel.

Honda Grom 125cc Engine

For the engine, this variant of Honda Motorcycles New Models 2020 uses cooled engine with 125cc two-valve air. It is based on the best engine ever had by Honda. It is proven to be efficient, has good longevity, and provides ease of use. In addition, it is also completed with low friction technology and crank inertia reducing. In short, it gives the best performance with undoubted reliability.

The fuel capacity is 1.45 gallon. It is more than enough for you to venture the road, right? The PGM-FI comes to guarantee you with high efficient of combustion. Moreover, the funnel and tube to connect air intake is divided. It optimizes the torque delivery to be consistent at the mid and low rpm.

The Price and Colors

As one of Honda Motorcycles New Models 2020, Grom is offered at $3,399, and Grom ABS price is around $3.599. The ABS stands for Anti-Lock Brakes. It may cost you much more money, but it worth the feature you will get. Furthermore, the release date would be around July this year. Many colors are available for this Grom, for example cherry red, Halloween orange, blue raspberry, and incredible green.

The Main Features

The wheels used are in 12 inch ten spoke. It is strong and tough. With its wide tires and cast wheels, it is perfect for any urban rider. It also uses inverted fork suspension. This feature is similar to the one used by sport bike. It can give easier control and better feel on the road.

For more, four-speed transmission and single rear shock also come as the features. This model uses single hydraulic rear shock as well, making you able to ride it on the choppy pavement or any other hard way. The seat comes in low, just 30 inches to give you more ease in parking areas, while riding this variant of Honda Motorcycles New Models 2020.