Predictions of Updates in Beta RR 2020


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Beta becomes one of the motorcycle manufacturers that release many kinds of motorbike, especially for off-road and trail-riding. They do not have design that usually can be seen in regular motorbike. There are some famous products released by this manufacturer. Even, there are rumors of Beta RR 2020. RR models have some series to offer. Based on the previous generation, RR model is divided into two big categories: the two-stroke and four-stroke engine. That is why it will be better to see some predictive updates of 2020 version based on these categories.

Two-Stroke Model of Beta RR 2020

There are some updates to provide in term of performance. It is expected it will have better engine control unit (ECU). In 2019 version, there is newer ECU, so it seems Beta RR 2020 will not have contrast updates or changes.

Then, the other update may be seen in exhaust system. This will be remodeled to give better performance, especially in term of power distribution. On 2019 series, these updates are found in Beta RR with 300cc engine, but it seems the updates will be offered to all series of two-stroke engine.

Four-Stokes Model of Beta RR 2020

When two-stroke model of Beta RR 2020 get some updates for ECU, the four-strokes may not have the same update. However, its throttle will be upgraded. It will give better responses for engine, so it can be easier to get the best performance. Its delivery can also be softer and more convenient.

The other part to give better responses in riding is the clutch actuator. It seems the clutches in 2019 are not enough, so 2020 version will also get improvements. Things will be made softer and better to provide better handling and performance.

The Chassis Changes

So far, Beta RR is already light enough. Its lightweight becomes good feature since it gives better handling. Although it is not fully light, the handling system enables riders to control the bike easier once it already runs. In this case, it seems the frame and body material will be upgraded for new Beta RR, so it can be stiffer but have better weight distribution.

Then, it is said the chassis and whole parts of the body will get new designs of graphics and color combinations. Shades of red, orange, and white already become the identity, but these will be improved to make the look more attractive.

Those are some predictions of updates in 2020 version of beta RR. However, these are still speculations which determined based on what is provided in 2019 series. Of course, it still needs further confirmation from manufacturer of Beta RR 2020.