Sherco 2020 450 SEF Factory: the 4-Stroke Demon


81 The Sherco 2020 and Redesign

When it was introduced back in 2015, Sherco 450 lineup had caught many Enduro riders’ attention. It is one of the lightest and advanced 4-stroke large displacement Enduro bikes in the market. Still, in production until now, Sherco 2020 450 SEF Factory is the next model of 4-stroke 450cc line. This will feature changes from the standard R model to adjust for short-range Enduro races that require extreme handling and on-demand torque.

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The Specification Upgrades

Many trials have been endured by this model, including the hot fields of Dakar. At the production of the 2019 model, they implemented all the racing data acquired to make the perfect bikes for any type of riders. For SEF Factory Sherco 2020 model, there are many differences that change its performance and riding style, which focus more on its handling and short range acceleration.

Short enduro races subject the bike to extreme handling. Within this model, the KYB forks and shock are modified to a closed cartridge model which Sherco make stiffer, thus improving its handling its sharp corners. A Trail Tech cooling kit makes sure the engine gets maximum combustion at extended periods without overheating.

Changes towards the rear sprockets also make this torque demon to unleash the power quickly after corners or it starts. To compensate to all those raw acceleration and torque, Sherco 2020 is equipped with Galfer rear disk rotor and brake disks to help to stop it at a moment’s notice. For 2T model, it is equipped with a full system FMF exhaust. As for 4T, the Akropovic full system exhaust is equipped.

Improvements from the previous Factory models include minor weight cuts at the clamps and handlebar. The chassis flexibility is also worked on, so the vibrations reaching the rider will be decreased. Several parts are also strengthened, such as the rear hub and fender. The 2T model features upgraded regulator, larger radiators and improved water lines to maximize its cooling efficiency. Moreover, 2T model FMF exhaust is rerouted to lessen the exposure, as well as has re-positioned harness that allows for more flexibility and safety.

Sherco 2020 Design Changes and Pricing

Several changes are given to give this new model the professional enduro look. It features more yellow highlights and stylish graphics than R model. The wheels are also changed into a blue anodized colorway, and the rear sprocket now sports a black anodized colorway. Its seat features an anti-slip pyramid pattern cover. Currently, Sherco 2020 450 cc SEF Factory has the same pricing as the 2019 model, at $15,590.