Specs of New Tiger Sport 2020 for Touring and Travelling


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Motorcycle is not just about transportation or vehicle. It can be part of hobby and lifestyle. That’s why there are some models that look so impressive and stunning. One of the examples is new Tiger Sport 2020 from Triumph. This motorcycle really defines great motorbike to have. To know the vehicle further, these are some of the information.

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Body and Design of New Tiger Sport

First thing to see is the design. It always becomes the important part of many things. Regarding the design, one word to describe the motor is muscular. Combination of silver and black confirms its masculinity. Then, the front and rear design shows that this one is not just an ordinary vehicle.

In term of body, new Tiger Sport 2020 has a great weight. It is up to 235kg. However, this weight is not a big problem as it will change once the bike runs on the road. It can run well and very easy to handle, as if it is like the common bikes.

Engine and Performance

In term of engine, it can show the real definition of sport bike. Its engine capacity is 1050 cc with three cylinders. Usually, the engine is called as Triple engine. With this engine, rider can get up to 93kW of power, and it gives up to 9475 rpm. With this power, of course the top speed can be so unpredictable.

As what has been mentioned before, the weight is not big problem as the handling is easy. Moreover, it has throttle mechanism to give faster and better responses. Because of the throttle technology, it is easy to reach the maximum performance of engine while keeping its comfort.

Features of New Tiger Sport 2020

One of the interesting features can be found in its rider modes. The new Tiger Sport 2020 has three modes to choose. First, there is Sport to get its maximum performance. Then, there are also Rain and Road modes. These two modes do not show the best performance, yet they give better safety on various kinds of tracks or roads.

The body is so comfortable. Its seat will make rider and passenger rides comfortably even when they have to be on it for hours. Then, the height can be adjusted. It will be beneficial for those who have problems with Tiger Sport height.

These are some powerful and interesting points regarding the new Tiger Sport. It is nice motorbike for those who love travelling and touring. The features and performance will give all what riders need. Well, it may look big, but new Tiger Sport 2020 gives easy handling, even when it is on the top speed.