Speed Triple RS 2020 and New Features for the Next Model


88 Best Review Speed Triple Rs 2020 and Redesign and Concept

Naked motorcycle always becomes favorite segment. Several manufacturers release new model including Triumph with Speed Triple. For your information, it is not new brand because the company introduced the first generation in 1980s. New model comes with advanced tech, sport design, and powerful performance. That’s what you get from Speed Triple RS 2020.

New Design and Appearance

Triumph has unique approach when developing this motorcycle. At front side, you see big head with two lights. That’s not common for naked model, but company succeed with such design. It is like having sport motorcycle without full fairing. As the result, Speed Triple shows what design and performance can match perfectly. Besides, manufacturer adds sport pattern alongside the body with elegant appearance.

Engine and Specs

Speed Triple RS 2020 will use the same base engine as previous model. The capacity is 1050cc DOHC with 4-cylinder. This engine is capable to exhaust approximately 150 horsepower. That’s much performance for naked bike. Big engine brings more powertrain and you can feel at ease to accelerate. For torque, this motorcycle generates 117nm.

As advanced model, Triumph puts much feature with electric and digital control. At front, you see integrated display with size 5.5 inch and TFT. With wide head, you get more space as similar to sport fairing. Therefore, you can put much control and panel in attractive display. Rider can change color and lighting to adjust with personal preference.

Other Features and Release Date

Even though it is not sport category, Triumph does not reduce features, such as ABS, traction control and throttle. Everything you see from sport motorcycle will be in this one. Naked model is commonly for city riding while you can go around easily in right turn. It does not mean performance and features are less than high-speed riding. On the other side, you can boost capability to reach top speed in less than 10 second. That’s what rider obtains from Speed Triple RS 2020.

When this model is ready? If you want next 2020 model, wait for few months until official release date is announced. As alternative, recent model is still reliable, and the specs are not much difference with new one. Triumph will upgrade few electric controls and improve appearance. In term of engine, the base capability is similar with slighter improvement at all.

Naked motorcycle is suitable for you if you intend to enjoy city riding. It is also suitable for long distance journey, but not for touring. Riding position is less exhausted and you can control Speed Triple RS 2020 easily.