The Powerful Ducati Monster 2020


70 All New Ducati Monster 2020 and Pricing

One of popular motorcycles is Ducati Monster. It has bold design with distinct front side and powerful engine. Since the first release, this model has been flagship product from Ducati. Several upgrades bring more powerful and advanced bike in the naked segment. For next Ducati Monster 2020, you will see many improvements.

The Engine and Specs

Monster has several models based on engine displacement. First released was in where Ducati produced 400cc model. After that, Ducati tried to upgrade with bigger engine, such as between 500cc and 1000cc. Today, three models are available: 797, 821, and 1200. The latter also has 1200 R version.

For 797 and 821, the engine is based on standard Monster technology. It is specifically to fill segment medium engine that’s less than 1000cc. On the other hand, you do not have to worry about engine specs. Ducati ensures customers have both powerful and advanced technologies.

For more powerful Ducati Monster 2020, you can choose 1200 model. It uses technology that Ducati develops for Panigale, except available in naked motorcycle. It has powertrain more than 120 hp. That’s very powerful performance compared to other Monster series. Ducati does not produce two products with the same base engine but adjust and customize them. As the result, Monster is not Panigale without fairing. This is completely new bike in its own segment.

Design of New Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster 2020 will uses the base design. It has round headlight with additional display at the top for control. Even though the design is in naked style, it has scrambler mode since riding position is less lean than Ducati Streetfighter. Moreover, you can do maneuvering easily due to adjusted handling. This is the bike that you like to ride for daily basis or medium distance journey.

From outside, this bike looks masculine. As usual, you will know immediately from its unique frame at body. The exhaust system is also adjusted to look sporty. Moreover, the appearance is also important to make sure you ride Monster at the fullest.

More about New Ducati Monster

Ducati produces few models in Monster family. You can choose lower engine or big one based on your personal preference. However, such model might not be available next 5 years. You don’t have to worry about that matter. Ducati has customer support for every product.

For Ducati Monster 2020, the product is available in early January. You can order it immediately in November or December, even after July 2019. That model is based on production year.