The Sporty Design and Advanced Technology of New R1 2020


72 Great New R1 2020 and Model

Sport bike is premium segment, especially with displacement more than 1000cc. Several manufacturers put their best lineups on market to attract more customers. For such purpose, everyone must now what Yamaha offers. New R1 2020 brings advanced technology that already tested in racing world. This motorcycle has many things, such as powerful engine, elegant and sporty appearance, as well s sophisticated technology. Each year, Yamaha adds improvements and upgrades to adjust with the latest tech.

Appearance and Design

Yamaha puts significant changes in term of design in 2015 and major updates in 2017. In that time, R1 moved from old style with less sharp and curvier design into what today called as sharp bodywork. This change is based on extensive development from Moto GP where Yamaha always is the top contender. As result, you will see small headlight at front fairing, but very sharp, not as curve as previous mode. This is what new 2020 will be the next year. R1 might not have major update from design and appearance side.

On the other side, New R1 2020 is expected to receive new color and bodywork. Yamaha always has ultimate approach in this matter. You can see elegant, premium, masculine, sporty, and attractive bodywork in R1. Besides, some limited editions will be available.

Technical Specs and Engine

Engine for R1 uses 998cc displacement. It is DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder, 16-valve titanium, and liquid cooled. Those are specs for he engine itself. You can imagine how powerful such engine. Based on official release, the powertrain is 162 hp in regular street riding and up to 200 hp for racing. The latter uses advanced ECU technology to boost capability. You can get this option from R1M. Basically, it is motorcycle for racing that people can buy.

Besides engines, technical specs of New R1 2020 are very advanced compared to other products in Yamaha lineups. Everything you think about sport motorcycle is already installed in YZF R1. Yamaha still uses Deltabox chassis as the core body frame. It is technology that you will find in many motorcycles produced by Yamaha. Deltabox is strong and reliable to support sport mode.

The Release Date and Price

How much is new R1? The base price starts at $16,900 for standard model. If you want R1M, the price is higher due to additional techs and features. You also need to visit local dealer for the fixed price. New R1 2020 is global product, which you will not find any technical difference when buying in different countries.