Things to Expect in the Upcoming KTM 690 Duke 2020


33 The Ktm 690 Duke 2020 and Price and Review

There are many products of motorcycle. For those who need both performance and design, you surely will need different segment of bike. Well, KTM 690 Duke 2020 can be a good option. It is still a rumor, so this still needs further information about the release. However, it is great to predict how it will appear, and this can be seen from the current generation of Duke 6990.

The Design of New Model

Design always becomes the first point to see in a product. It is also applied when you are going to see a new motorcycle. Regarding the design, first generation of Duke was released around twenty years ago. There are many updates, but it seems the new generation will bring old concept with some refinements.

It is like bringing back the old memories, but it is brought in different context and time. The main shape and appearance will adopt the old style of Duke. However, it will have refinements and modern touches in some details.

The Engine and Performance

The concept to bring in new KTM 690 Duke 2020 can be interesting. Although it may keep adopting the old or original design, the engine will be different aspect to bring. It should be competitive compared to the current bikes. So far, it is predicted that the new model will keep its single cylinder engine.

In term of power, it will be able to produce more than 73 horsepower. In 2019 version, KTM 690 Duke can reach 73 horsepower or 54KW, so it can be bigger and stronger for new edition of 690 Duke. Then, it will use 690cc engine and supported by the good exhaust system. It is also said that it will improve its fuel economy.

The Other Features Offered

Problem of powerful motorcycle is on its weight. In this case, KTM 690 Duke 2020 tries to bring lighter weight. It uses trellis frame for the whole body construction, and the material is made effective in disturbing the weight.

The seat will get good design and material. It will make sure the rider and passenger can enjoy the ride for hours. It makes the vehicle good for long traveling. For rider, there is TFT display to show the status, including the speed, fuel, and even the information of coolant temperature.

Those are interesting points to expect from the new KTM 690 Duke. So far, 2019 version is still available in market. That is why there are still enough time for KTM to prepare KTM 690 Duke 2020, so the appearance can bring better design and performance.