Triumph Tiger Sport 2020 for Versatile Riding and Touring


59 Gallery of Triumph Tiger Sport 2020 for First Drive

Triumph has been in motorcycle industry since long time ago. The company produces many motorbikes with high tech, advanced handling, powerful performance, and attractive design. One of their signatures is Tiger Sport 1050. For new production, you should look forward for Triumph Tiger Sport 2020. The specs, engine, design, release date, and price are explored in the following sections.

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Triumph Tiger Sport 2020 Design

From the first glance, this vehicle combines sport and touring in single production. Manufacturer intends to blend sport performance while rider still enjoys long journey. That’s the main purpose of Tiger Sport model. It does not have low riding position, but high handling at front. At front side, it uses light fairing that blends to body at left and right parts. Two sharp lights will provide enough lighting during night and harsh condition.

The Engine and Specs

What is inside Triumph Tiger Sport 2020? Engine, specs, and performance are what people want to know for new motorbike. In this model, manufacturer puts engine with capacity 1050cc with powertrain 125 hp. That’s very impressive because you can boost the performance to reach top level any time without worrying about losing control. For such purpose, rider can choose three riding option: rain, sport, and road. Rain and road are where you intend to go for long journey. For sport, it will focus to deliver upmost performance.

Other specs are the slip assist, cruise control, hand guard, and ABS. Manufacturer also puts display to control everything at ease. You will see many features and customize what you need based on personal riding preference. As you know, big bike is not just regular motorcycle because you will experience the different journey.

Release Date and Price

When Triumph Tiger Sport 2020 is released? If you want recent model, the product is already available on market. The first production was in 2007 as the first generation. Until now, Triumph adds several updates and enhances engine capability. For new one, it will be ready one year in 2019.

This model is called sport touring where you can ride in circuit and still feel like racing. On the other side, you do not have to worry when intended to go from one city to another. It has good riding position and several controls to support touring. That’s what you should know about Triumph Tiger Sport 2020. For the price, you need to prepare at least $10,500.