Versys 650 2020 for Sport, Adventure, and Daily Riding


97 New Versys 650 2020 and Exterior and Interior

Motorcycle is marketed based on several categories. If you like high speed riding, sport fairing is the best option. Other models are naked and street fighter style. Besides, there is bike for riding in mountain. Put those three categories in single bike, and you will get Versys 650 2020. To explore more, read the next sections.

Design and Category

It is interesting when discussing about what Versys should be. Based on design and appearance, this motorcycle has upright riding position where you sit straight as similar to touring mode. On the other side, the size is relatively medium based on engine category. Therefore, you can put this motorcycle as sport touring.

In term of design, Versys 650 2020 will use the same base appearance as recent mode. Kawasaki puts more sport touch with two headlights at front. To protect them, half fairing is installed from lower fuel tank. It gives more specs for rider to do extreme maneuver easily. You will not see bulk design as what sport fairing looks like. Other the other hand, this bike is relatively slim compared to sport, but in the same size as naked model.

Kawasaki also puts much effort to ensure the design is suitable. People don’t like odd approach when decided to purchase motorcycle. As the result, manufacturer gives several body work and colors. You can modify on your own but it still looks elegant.

Engine and Specs

Versys 650 2020 is mid-engine segment which means the capacity is lower than 1000cc, but higher than 500cc. Based on official specs, this bike uses in-line and DOHC engine with capacity 649cc and four-cylinder. That’s impressive engine for product with several purposes.

Kawasaki adds few upgrades in order to deliver reliable and efficient performance. For your information, Versys also has Tourer variant which is specifically for touring. That’s what you need if touring is your hobby.

More about Versys 650

Powerful engine is not enough without panels, instruments, and controls. You will see display at front with digital instrument. Technology is important for modern motorcycle. Rider can adjust and change the setting easily. More importantly, it is to adjust the riding style. You can choose to ride as sport, touring, or just daily riding.

Release date for new model will be announced as soon as possible. You need to wait before placing the order for Versys 650 2020. The price depends on where you live. Some countries might put the price higher but others are less expensive.