What KTM 350 2020 Has to Offer?


19 All New Ktm 350 2020 and Specs and Review

KTM is an Austrian motor company that had been established since ’30s. It has gained a reputation as a pioneer in the automotive industry. The manufacturer had produced so many bikes and with that being said, the company is now launching one of its anticipated variant. In this article, we will discuss the motorcycle and uncover the surprise that it has been prepared for KTM 350 2020.

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The New Body Design

Well, KTM 350 2020 is basically an updated version of 2019 SX, despite being an updated version 2020 still retains some of its predecessor’s features. The design is heavily emphasizing the lightness, speed and agility. These factors effectively aim for the harmony between rider and the bike in terms of movement, speed, agility, and performance. It also has a high-tech brake combined with a lightweight disc brake band. Therefore, you can move freely in the brakes.

In terms of new feature, the engine looks compact to save more space. The seat looks slender for the rider’s comfort, and the tire is sturdier for better grip. Moreover, the overall design is a ready race bike. There are also some interesting features in the shift lever and the new handler bar switch. The lever protects a clogging in the engine from all the dirt, while the handler bar provides an efficient starting.

Engine Specification

The machine of KTM 350 2020 uses a single cylinder, 4-stroke engine with 5 transmission gearbox and a double oil pressure lubrication. The total weight of engine lies around 99 kilograms, excluding the oil. The tank capacity is approximately 7 L/ 1.85 gal. For battery, it uses an electric starter with the capability of reaching 12.8 V. The engine still uses key ignition.

Sophisticated spring design comes with separate damping function. It has AIRBOX and air boot designed to provide protection for optimal performance because the air filter can be accessed quickly and without needing other tools. A Compact DOHC machine can display the titanium valves. Well, KTM 350 2020 has a sleek, easy-to-control design, and freedom of movement into multiple comfort factors.

Estimated Price of New Model

From the first time produced to the current price value, KTM is certainly rising. It affects to the nicer design. Moreover, the specification that’s upgraded is the most major factor. However, it is not all a barrier for Moto Cross riders because it’s a part of their passion. For the moment, the price value of KTM reaches approximately $11.100. It is a great price for the best new model. However, for more accurate detail, you can inquire directly into the marketing center.