What’s New on Aprilia RSV4 2020?


18 New New Aprilia Rsv4 2020 and Concept

Aprilia has an interesting story. It starts as a company that produced bicycle around 1945, and then the company gradually shifted to manufactured scooter before jumping into the sport motor industry. The migration to sports bike is quite an ingenious decision as it enjoys some sorts of a boost on brand. With merely 80 decades of bike making experience, the company now presents us with New Aprilia RSV4 2020. Well, what’s this bike has to offer? Let’s find out!

The New Specifications

The New Aprilia RSV4 2020 is a full race mode motorcycle. The design was inspired from a Ducati, and it fits V4 1100cc engine. V4 engine of the new Aprilia is expected to excrete 215 bhp. Aside from the engine, the bike will also reduce its weight up to 7 kilo’s, less or at least.

Other upgrades have also happened in another part. Its aluminum has been hardened for better cornering. The wheelbase is shortened, and the oil siphon is renewed for better flowing. Moreover, the manufacturer also puts a strong but light titanium exhaust for the weight cutting.

In addition, New Aprilia RSV4 2020 has also been through a series of electrification as well. The electrification includes voice guidance for an approach for mobile gadget and data display on dashboard that controls the wheelie, launch, quick control, pit limiter, and cruise control. The motorcycle is also equipped with riding mode that can be activated with the card. Furthermore, the modes are race sport and track.

The Rumors of New RSV4

The first rumor of New Aprilia RSV4 2020 lies on its unusual suspension kit. The Sachs mechanism is used in the front, rear and shock absorbers. The brake disk is usually fixed with a Brembo monobloc, but on this occasion, the monobloc has replaced the style. Aprilia is also thought to be more considerate on wind factor and gravity. Well, the Aprilia sources support the claim. Furthermore, a specific structure has been installed to use downforce of directional air to allow the winglet to increase high speed. Also about gravity, the center point is relocated to increase performance in turns and increasing safety under heavy braking.

The Price and Release Date

Aprillia will enter the showroom late in 2019 at EIMA, but the ready version will be sold in the near future, New Aprilia RSV4 2020 to be exact. There is a rumor that this bike will cut manufacturing cost, thus it is expected to be a rather small and more affordable. Aprillia is also targeting the world market.